Forum Membership

Joining Lewisham Pensioners’ Forum is FREE and the more Individual Members we have the more influence we have locally and nationally.

To become a member and receive our newsletters phone 020 8690 7869

We will need the following details:
· Title – Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Other
· First name or initial
· Surname
· Address
· Postcode
· Whether you want to go on the “Save our NHS” mailing list and
· (Optional) Any skill you would like to bring to the Forum

(Just your being a member is of great value – but do let us know if there is something you think you might enjoy doing for us – photography, stuffing envelopes, helping run events, etc. etc.)

Alternatively, download our membership form (click here) to complete and send in the tear off slip.

(For Group Membership and multiple newsletter mailings contact the office)

Data Protection: We will keep your contact details for the purpose only of maintaining our membership list and communicating with you on matters relating to the Lewisham Pensioners’ Forum. You can ask to be removed from the mailing list at any time—either telephone 020 8690 7869 or return a mailing with the instruction “Please Remove from List”.